Tablier Rouge

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Tablier Rouge 

Burger Bar et Boucherie 

Traiteur et Charcuteir

Established in 2012 by Chef Michael, Trattoria Promenade is an elegant Epicerie Fin & Artisanal Delicatessen, standing in the very heart of Montréal's    neighbourhood. Offering an expansive selection of ready prepared dishes, speciality products, both locally crafted & imported,  & of course, only the freshest produce, Trattoria Promenade has everything you'll ever need to make every culinary journey, a truly memorable success.  

And with wonderfully convenient catering & delivery services, should you not possess the time to create your favourite dishes for your family, guests & friends, rest assured, Trattoria Promenade's dedicated chefs will have exactly what you require, to see satisfied smiles, & empty plates all round.